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Soul Kissed

The third installment of The Erris Coven Series. The offical cover has been released!

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My next novel and first contemporary YA! Coming 2013.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A New Author You Need To Discover

I am so thrilled to share this with you. D.A. Roach is a very talented author with a strong connection to the illness her character has in her novel. Her passion for the cause shines through her writing and brings a reality to her characters that many authors miss out on.

by D.A. Roach
Release Date: June 5th 2015
Limitless Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

Brogen Mathers can’t deal with teen drama… As an empath, she is constantly bombarded with other people’s energies. Despite coping techniques taught by her psychologist mother, it’s often too much to bear, forcing her to avoid most activities a typical high school junior would enjoy. Jay Wilken won’t let his past define him… A dead mother and an alcoholic father brought Jay to Stanton, but he doesn’t want pity. His good looks, charisma, and friendly nature quickly win over the whole student body, but he has his eye on one girl…Brogen. Brogen can’t believe anyone could be so genuinely nice. It has to be an act, right? But when Jay literally saves her from deadly jaws, she has to admit he’s exactly what he appears, and he’s worth risking the potential emotional upheaval. “Drama” might as well be Becca Grant’s middle name… Another newcomer to Stanton, Becca’s blonde beauty and abundant attitude shoots her straight to the top of the popularity charts—and she believes Jay belongs right there beside her. Accustomed to getting exactly what she wants, she launches a relentless mean-girl campaign to shake up Brogen and claim Jay for her own. Everything changes with a devastating diagnosis… When Jay learns he has a rare and potentially fatal disorder, he keeps it secret and begins to push Brogen away to spare her future pain—which is exactly the sort of opening Becca is waiting for. As Jay’s well-meaning deception unravels, Brogen realizes there is much more than her heart at stake… But how far is she willing to go to fight for someone she loves?

Buy Links:

Our eyes were locked on each other, and I was glad to see he seemed lighter. He took a step closer, closing the space between us so our bodies were touching each other. I felt my heartbeat quicken, and butterflies fluttered about my stomach. This was an intimate space, and he clearly entered it. The air between us changed, it was more electric. He put his hands on each side of my face, and then gently but possessively, he took my mouth against his. He kissed gently at first, and I felt my knees grow weak. His lips were soft, and his breath was hot. I let my mind go and became enveloped in the overwhelming love that Jay exuded. He urged my mouth open and our kiss became more intimate. I felt the heat rising in my cheeks and followed Jay’s lead. His hands trailed down my arms and wrapped around my torso. The kisses returned to gentle nibbles, and then to sweet pecks before he pulled away to look at me. All traces of sadness were gone from his face, from inside of me. There was light and love there instead. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,” he said.

About the Author

D.A. Roach has been telling stories since she was a young girl in the suburbs of Chicago. In college she met the man of her dreams, her happily ever after, and married him 2 weeks after graduating. They have 3 kids together and a pet cockatiel named Gimli. D.A. did not find a love for books until after college. Her parents were immigrants from Lithuania and found tv and radio easier ways to hear stories so they did not do much reading or encourage it. But once she finished college and D.A. had free time, she discovered how amazing it was to get lost in a story.

D.A. is a full time mom and wife. When she is not doing domestic things (laundry, bills, etc) she is writing, reading, creating mixed media art, and helping beautify her kids’ school landscape. Oh, and she is ALWAYS listening to music. Her favorite authors include Rebecca Donovan, Richelle Mead, Larissa Ione, Stephanie Meyer, E.L. James, and Sylvia Day. Reading great works from authors like these has motivated D.A. to write her own stories. She hopes to make positive changes in the world with her art and writing.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
― George Bernard Shaw

Author Links:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Will You Vote?

Can You Help Me Out?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have submitted my latest novel to be published to Kindle Scout. Today begins its 30 day campaign and I need Your help! Yes, You! 

Kindle Scout is Amazon's new reader powered publishing program. Authors like me, who have a completed novel they are proud of, can submit their manuscript to Kindle Scout and if they think readers will like it, they will create a campaign page for you and all of the others they choose. Your campaign will ONLY run for 30 days and if a writer doesn't get enough "nominations" - they get their manuscript back. HOWEVER, if they get many nominations, Amazon will offer them a publishing contract for five years. 

My novel is listed under my pen name, Bonnie E. Ruane, and it is titled Fragile Broken Things. If you would click on the link HERE and vote for me, I would be so thankful. Also, if I am selected to have a contract with Amazon, they will send a free copy of the book to each person who voted. 


Again - I wish to thank all of my readers who have sent well wishes to me during my illness over the last two years. When I feel healed enough, I plan to revisit my Eris Coven novels for all of you. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been You Ask?

That is a well deserved question with a complicated answer. 

While in the process of writing Book 3 in the Eris Coven Series, I became deathly ill. So ill in fact, that I didn't expect to pull through. After months of hospitalizations and physical rehabilitation to learn to walk again, my thought process left me incapable of communicating with my family, let alone writing novels. After my aorta dissected and I was rushed into emergency surgery, my iliac artery ruptured leaving me with massive issues. Days later my body filled with infection and I almost lost my life and my leg. Then my poor spleen called it quits and when they removed that, my lungs filled with embolisms. Lots of other icky things took place after that, but let me just say, I felt like poor Lexi being chased by her evil stepbrother.  

All the meds, all the anesthesia, and recovery left me weak and sad. I had to mourn my old life because I was suddenly forty and disabled. Wheelchair, walkers, bed rails - you get the point. It took a long tie before I thought I could go back to writing. My genetic disorder is called Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It is a mean old nasty antagonist. I think I would rather hang out with Strix than live with this thing. My life expectancy is shortened now and I think that was another reason why I held back from writing - I wanted to live in the moment. 

I am ready to start writing again. I just sent Fragile Broken Things into Amazonscout. I don't know if they will select it but of they do, I'll need everyone's support by nominating it. If not, perhaps I can publish it elsewhere. I am also working on Find Me (working title) and a memoir. Also, for my Eris friends, Soul Kissed will be completed but I need to reread those books and remember my own world I created so I don't accidentally have Liz married to Torin or some other mishap.  

I do want to say how much I have appreciated all of the kind messages left here and through Goodreads or on my facebok pages. It was a wonderful thing to be reminded that I was missed while in the depths of recovering and learning to dress and walk again. 

Until I write again, take good care and stay out of the woods at night. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blood Twist: Available Early on Kindle

It's official! Blood Twist: An Erris Coven Novel, Book 2 is available for sale on Amazon's kindle!
Get your copy HERE!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Working Cover Reveal: Find Me

A working title and working cover for my next novel and first contemporary YA! Coming soon. Stay tuned for a blurb!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blood Twist Teaser!

An excerpt of the upcoming release!

Liz leaned back over, this time keeping her voice a hushed whisper. “You don’t."

“Don’t what?” he asked.

“You don’t disappoint,” she said honestly. “You’re just different than I expected.”

He smiled, causing her heartbeat to hasten. “What did you expect?”

She didn’t know whether to look in his eyes or at his perfect mouth. “I’m not sure,” she admitted. “I guess someone dark and dangerous.”

Braden’s hand snaked out and caught her wrist. Surprised with how quick he moved, she sat frozen and just watched as he trailed his fingers along the vulnerable flesh of her inner arm. His fingers left a wonderful warming sensation trickling deep into her skin.

“I can be dark and dangerous sometimes,” he whispered, his intense blue eyes holding her in place. The slight huskiness of his voice made her breath catch, but she gently pulled free from his hold.

Liz swallowed; completely stunned by the physical reaction she had to his touch. He wasn’t the first attractive guy she had ever been around, but he was the first to make her melt with a single stroke of her skin.

For a moment, she thought he might kiss her. What shocked her more was that she would have let him.

What was it about Irish guys? The only guy she allowed herself to fantasize about was Danny O’Donoghue, the lead singer from The Script. But he was unreachable and safe to have a thing for from a distance. Braden was right beside her and leaving her acutely aware of his presence.

As Liz sat back in her seat willing her heart rate to slow down, she couldn’t help but grin. The damphyr was full of surprises.

-Blood Twist: An Erris Coven Novel

© 2012 Bonnie Erina Wheeler.  

What's New?

Now that I have completed my contemporary women's fiction novel Body of Ash, I have determined to finish Blood Twist. How I have missed my young adult series!

There is a tentative deadline set and I hope to have Blood Twist released on Kindle September 1st. The release dates for Soul Kissed, Flame Played, and Fate Fallen are still unknown, but I hoping to be more productive with my writing schedule now that I have completed my studies at the amazing University of Connecticut.

My time studying creative writing at human development and family studies at UCONN was well spent. One of the surprising turns of events in obtaining my BA was the oportunity to study writing with poet Ira Joe Fisher and prose/ poet author Davyne Verstandig. While taking two full back to back semesters with Davyne, she pushed me to dig outside of my comfort zone and write a novel that didn't have vampires, damphyrs, werewolves, or magic. Instead, I explored a story where mother and daughter relationships are strained when a local pastor's sexual addiction sweeps them into a world of uncertainty and obsession.  I would describe it as an observant novel about losing yourself and having it all. Motherhood, forgiveness, infidelity - coming home is never easy. Although I have sent out a few queries, I will probably self-publish Body of Ash. I would love to experience both traditional publishing and continue indie publishing. As soon as the decision is made, I will release my news here.



Flame Played

Flame Played
Coming 2013

Fate Fallen

Fate Fallen
Coming 2014

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