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Saturday, October 29, 2011

AUTHORity Feature: Guest Blog Post

Today we have with us the talented author: Elita Daniels! Please join with me and give her a warm Erris Coven welcome!

When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, but I couldn't bear if someone even said the word vein around me (my best friend used to torture me with that word). Then it hit me. I wanted to be an actress---anything to do with the film industry, actually. My brother and I used to make home movies. I was “the bush tucker man” and my brother was the camera man and director. He would set up everything, including burying vegetables for me to dig up and the hose so I could “find” water. Over the years the dream of becoming an actress began to dwindle and I took up novel writing, which I quickly discovered satisfied my need to be involved in a story. It's intoxicating connecting with these characters and being involved with something, a story, that's hopefully going to engage a lot of people.

I have two books published under my name, but I have other works released under a pen name. "Tree of Life" is the very first book I wrote when I was 25. I started it just after my old dog passed away. I think his death is what triggered me into writing this story. It's about a mortal raised in a beautiful elven realm and through jealousy and a mistake involving his mother, he grows to hate them and Nature. He sets out to destroy their ancient tree to teach them a lesson, but along the way he falls in love with a beautiful dark priestess who tries to stop him. He realizes too late he's thrown everything away.

Tree of Life part two is ready to go, but we've just been so busy we haven't had a chance to make it available yet, but it should be coming out very soon.

Guardian is completely different. It's about vampires that aren't actually dead, but are humans who have extraordinary abilities caused from a virus. To live in society among normal people vampires are put under heavy restrictions and have to take sedating medication. Every vampire is assigned a human guardian whether they like it or not to make sure they stay in line. The story revolves around Anna. She falls in love with her guardian, but she’s not sure if he’s all that he seems. I really like True blood and Equilibrium, so there’s probably mix of those in the story.

Right now I'm working on a book called “My Boyfriend is a Zombie”. I can't tell you too much about it until it's released, which will be in December, but I can say it's a story about a girl named Victoria Evans who follows a strange young man into the cemetery. She knows right from the start he's not normal, but she wasn't expecting to discover that his embarrassing secret is that he's actually dead. This is my first attempt at YA so I'm pretty excited to see how it goes.

Thank you so much Elita for the wonderful guest post!

I suggest everyone check out this amazing author's writing! You can find her on!

She is on Facebook! Here!

Tree of Life (Part 1) on Kindle!

Tree of Life (Part 1) in paperback!

Guardian on Kindle!

And of course, you can follow her on Twitter!


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