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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blood Twist Teaser!

An excerpt of the upcoming release!

Liz leaned back over, this time keeping her voice a hushed whisper. “You don’t."

“Don’t what?” he asked.

“You don’t disappoint,” she said honestly. “You’re just different than I expected.”

He smiled, causing her heartbeat to hasten. “What did you expect?”

She didn’t know whether to look in his eyes or at his perfect mouth. “I’m not sure,” she admitted. “I guess someone dark and dangerous.”

Braden’s hand snaked out and caught her wrist. Surprised with how quick he moved, she sat frozen and just watched as he trailed his fingers along the vulnerable flesh of her inner arm. His fingers left a wonderful warming sensation trickling deep into her skin.

“I can be dark and dangerous sometimes,” he whispered, his intense blue eyes holding her in place. The slight huskiness of his voice made her breath catch, but she gently pulled free from his hold.

Liz swallowed; completely stunned by the physical reaction she had to his touch. He wasn’t the first attractive guy she had ever been around, but he was the first to make her melt with a single stroke of her skin.

For a moment, she thought he might kiss her. What shocked her more was that she would have let him.

What was it about Irish guys? The only guy she allowed herself to fantasize about was Danny O’Donoghue, the lead singer from The Script. But he was unreachable and safe to have a thing for from a distance. Braden was right beside her and leaving her acutely aware of his presence.

As Liz sat back in her seat willing her heart rate to slow down, she couldn’t help but grin. The damphyr was full of surprises.

-Blood Twist: An Erris Coven Novel

© 2012 Bonnie Erina Wheeler.  


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