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In addition to writing, I am also available to do beta reading (will look for issues pertaining to flow, character development, plot holes, repetition and more) and ghost writing (for indie authors who have a great idea but are having troubles writing.) My fees are based on project length and are more than reasonable.
I also offer a typesetting service for those who have a hand written manuscript. For $4.00 a page, I will type and format your manuscript into Microsoft Word and give you a printed file, an electronic file in Microsoft Word, as well as, a PDF ebook.
Although basic book covers and book trailers are also available through my partner, I do not provide copy editing services. (Also known as line by line editing.) However, while beta reading and typsetting, if I recognize a grammatical error, I will certainly help correct it.
Feel free to contact me via email for discussions on project rates.
 compellingread (at) gmail (dot) com
As for latest news, I submitted my novel Fragile Broken Pieces to Kindlescout. I am hoping it will be selected! If so, I will need everyone's help getting it nominated. 

I am currently working on several projects.  As you all know, Fate Fixed is the first novel in a 5 part series, Blood Twist (book 2) was officially released September 1st.  I am now writing Soul Kissed (book 3). UPDATE: Soul Kissed is in hold temporarily. I have suffered a severe physical trauma and have been rehabilitating over he last two years. I haven't wanted to write part 3 until I'm sure I have all my memory back so that I don't leave fans wondering what is up. 

I also have a few other tidbits planned for the series along the way. It is a little soon to go into details, but this is the place where future news will be posted.  The fourth novel in the series is tentatively titled Flame Played

I will say that a collection of short stories and character biographies is in the works for The Erris Coven Series, but that will not be released until after book 6, Fate Fallen. You can expect a Christmas novella and more strories involving the original couple, Lexie and Torin.

Right now I am smack in the middle of Soul Kissed and am really excited about sharing Cian's love story with Brooke. There are still werewolves running afoot and Ella, Lexie's sister, is missing.  

Durring my off time from writing the Erris Coven novels, I am also writing a contemporary YA novel titled: Find Me. It is about a teenage girl who discovers the life her mother has given her has all been a lie. 

After Find Me and Soul Kissed I have a YA paranormal book in the works called Breaking Jade. All I will say is that it is a thriller and I am super excited!
Thank you everyone who has read Fate Fixed!!




Flame Played

Flame Played
Coming 2013

Fate Fallen

Fate Fallen
Coming 2014

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